2019-2020 Armstrong Arrows M16U Non National Bound team posting

16U Non NB

Head Coach - Luke Verner

Luke Sherwin

Braidon Wolfe

Alex Legin

Josh Deal

Michael Waugaman

Justing Lichanec

Travis Lichanec

Jonathan Yancy

Ken Klasnick

Zachary Fairman

Cole DiNunzio

Colton Rayko

Richard Lias

Adam Deal


Evin Brice

Gavin Grafton

OK, so how it works at this point, I will build the team rosters in crossbar and the commitment fee will be charged at that time to your card, for everyone (in the next few days). Payment plans will then start on 5-1-19. For those that selected the pay in full option, that remaining balance will be charged to your card on 5-1-19.

If you are going to decline the spot on the roster, you must do so before Thursday April 25, 2019 @ 11:59 pm. Any declines that come in after that time will be responsible for their commitment fee. All declines must be emailed to Jon Yackmack (jyackmack.hog@gmail.com) and to Ray Brison (raybrison@yahoo.com). If a decline is not received, it is assumed that the player has accepted their position on the roster he or she was placed, and full season financial responsibility will go into effect.