Team Manager Duties

The Team Manager position is very important. It is your responsibility to coordinate and work closely with your team's Head Coach while also getting to know the players and parents on the team. The Team Manager should always feel free to involve other parents on the team to assist with duties and responsibilities.

The overall duties of the manager include:

·        Ensuring that all their coaches register with USA Hockey and provide their USA Hockey numbers to the registrar.

·        Ensuring that all coaches are Coach Education Program (CEP) certified, have a current approved NCSI Hockey Screening, have completed the appropriate USAH Age-Based online Coaching Module, have completed the required CDC online Concussion Module, have completed the USOC online Safe Sport Module, and have obtained the required PA Clearances for working with children.

·        Informing parents of various USA Hockey requirements.

·        Coordinating with the team coach to provide information about practices, games, and tournaments.

·        Coordinating the collection of money from parents to pay for their child's participation in any chosen tournaments.

·        Coordinating a timekeeper to run the clock, a scorekeeper, and penalty box monitors for all home games and verifying and turning in scoresheets following each home game.

·        At the beginning of the season, you will receive a team folder which will include scoresheets, roster stickers, and a printed Official USA Hockey Roster from the League Registrar. If you are close to running out of any needed items, please reach out as soon as possible to allow ample time to receive these items.

·        PIHL Team Managers will receive a designated number of scoresheets and blank stickers. These should not be used for scrimmages, and they should be printed on an as needed basis to ensure that there are enough to last the season (i.e. player/coach adds or removals). The stickers will be printed directly from the excel document that you will be emailed. 

·        The AAHL has an equipment room. If you are in a situation where a player or opponent has forgotten a piece of equipment, you are permitted to “borrow” equipment from this room. Please return all equipment to this room upon completion of the game or practice so it is available to other members as well.

·        You will be responsible for collecting the uniforms that are ordered by your team from the equipment manager to distribute to your team.

·        Players from Squirts to Midgets can earn USA Hockey “skill” patches during their regular season games. The patches are:

·        Hat trick: When a player scores 3 goals in the same USA Hockey sanctioned game.

·        Playmaker: When a player gets 3 assists in the same USA Hockey sanctioned game.

·        “Zero”: When a goalie has a shutout in a USA Hockey sanctioned game.

·        It is important that the Team Manager maintain the score sheets so that these patches can be provided to any player that earned them at the end of the year.

·        If choosing to do so, you can have your team communicate through a team app. The app most used is Team Snap however, this is not a requirement and up to you and the head coach to decide.

·        The Team Manager is responsible for all communications related to your team. These communications can include Practice, Game, Scrimmages (dates, times, and locations), Team Events (Tournaments, parties, etc.), and Fundraising (If your team is interested in fundraising opportunities specifically designed for your team, then you must first obtain approval to conduct independent fundraising from the Fundraising Chair.).

·        It is recommended that each team hold an expectation’s meeting with the team parents to set the expectations of the Coaches, Parents, and the organizations expectations of the season.

·        The Team Manager is responsible to assist in the collection of documentation required to create Official USA Hockey Rosters for their team when needed. You will be notified at the beginning of the season of the weekly cutoff for player additions or deletions. Coaches are not allowed to be on the ice coaching or on the bench without having all their clearances and being on a roster. Prior to the start of each game, coaches shall initial the curfew time on the scoresheet. At the end of each game, the Head Coach is required to sign the scoresheet to verify the accuracy.

The following documents should be in the Credentials Folder:

USA Hockey Roster (Officially approved by USA Hockey Registrar)

PAHL Playing-Up Waiver for any player playing one-age level higher.

Copy of all Game Scoresheets

USAH Student Coach Form for teams with Student Coaches

·        Your team is responsible to schedule and manage scrimmages. Other teams may contact you requesting a scrimmage with your team. You are not required to scrimmage any team unless it is mandated by PAHL for placement purposes.

·        If you are planning a home scrimmage (it’s your practice slot) and the opponent will cover the cost for referee’s and EMT services. Please collect the payment and place it in a clearly marked envelope and put them in the white lock box beside the concession stand.


Home Games:

Official Scorer: Someone from your team must be the Official Scorer, attend the game in the scorer box and manage the Official Game Score sheet. If the score sheet is not COMPLETELY filled out with all of the requirements, the league can be fined. Attach or apply the visiting team’s roster stickers to all copies of the score sheet. Obtain both teams Coaches initials next to the curfew time (before game). Obtain Referee’s, Coaches, EMT and Scorer signatures after the game. Provide a copy of the score sheet to the home and visiting team. For PAHL games, you will scan and submit the PDF version of the original copy of the scoresheet to the PAHL Statistician per their instructions. Indicate on the score sheet if any player had a Hat Trick (3 goals), Playmaker (3 assists) or Shut Out (Goalie). Indicate on the scoresheet if any suspensions, fights, or activities for players and/or fans warranting a mention on the scoresheet.

Official Timekeeper: Someone from your team must be the Official Timekeeper, attend the game in the Timekeeper box and manage the Official Game Time and Scoreboard. They are responsible for monitoring the Curfew and ending the game if the curfew time is reached before the game has ended.

Penalty Box: Someone from your team must be the Official Penalty Box monitor, attend the game in the team penalty box and work the Penalty Box door as needed.

Away Games:

Provide the Home Team Manager with your roster stickers to add to the official game score sheet.

Penalty Box: Someone from your team must be the Official Penalty Box monitor, attend the game in the team penalty box and work the Penalty Box door as needed.

Obtain a copy of the score sheet from your game. Note any player on your team had a Hat Trick (3 goals), Playmaker (3 assists) or Shut Out (Goalie). Indicate on the scoresheet if any suspensions, fights or activities for players and/or fans warranting a mention on the scoresheet.


The Team Manager is responsible for making travel arrangements for your team. Many times the tournament will have preferred hotels and you should work with the tournament organizer to make the required arrangements.


Team Managers should assist in ensuring that all players and coaches are wearing the appropriate and required equipment during all on ice activities, including practices and games. All players MUST wear neck and mouth guards. 

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