Uniform Information

From K&B: Just following up our earlier conversation.   

Our Plan is to take a proactive approach to this upcoming season given the COVID-19 obstacles. 

 Per our phone conversation earlier today, I will be placing an Order for more of your Custom Socks with our PX supplier. Additionally, I'll be placing an order for more of your Armstrong embroidered Jersey Crests. We are down to just 9 loose Crests for the upcoming season. Otherwise, the count on loose embroidered Patches that get applied to the Pant Shells and Warm-up Jackets is adequate for projected orders for the coming season. 

 So that we are completely transparent, the Order I place will be liberal with respect to the size quantities so that we have enough materials (hopefully) to cover anyone that will need to place an order. Of course, the quantities we order from the Supplier will be a guess on our part, but based on actual prior history. That means we could still miss the mark and fall short in a particular size. At the same time, we are comfortable saying that we expect that the excess materials we end up with would in all likelihood be used up through the following seasons. 

 Based on our Agreement, K&B would be responsible for the up-front cost of these excess materials and there would be be no real cost to the Association assuming we continue the Partnership and business relationship.   

 Next, due to the virus and to eliminate the transmission risk to your members and our staff, we will not be having any in-person Fittings for any of the Clubs this coming season. 

 Instead, to go along with the Order Form, we will provide you with additional information that includes: 

 • A data driven Jersey SIZE CHART that identifies the most ordered Jersey sizes by Birth Year using actual prior history for the Jersey brand your Club uses 

• Information on Sock Sizes and corresponding Lengths 

• Guidelines for sizing Pant Shells 

• CCM's published Size Chart for Warm-ups  

• RELEASE REPORTS from Last Season that you can use as a reference for who ordered what size LAST SEASON 

• A CONTACT US button for members who may have Sizing Questions for our staff 

 Finally, we will be making a change to our original published June 30 CUT-OFF DATE. Instead, we will be going with individual ORDER CUT-OF DATES for each Club. Each Club's revised date will be TWO WEEKS after their final published Tryout date (or possible from the Team Placement Date) as we discussed.  

This approach will give each Club two full weeks for their members to place their Orders with us. That also staggers our production time for each Club which will spread the work out for us. It also allows each Club to have their materials in production as soon after their tryouts as reasonably possible rather than having to wait until all the other Amateur and HS clubs complete their Tryouts that will likely be scheduled well into August. 

 Let me know if you have any additional questions. Please let me know as soon as you learn something about the timeline for your Rink opening or when you might be scheduling your Tryouts. 

 Thanks and stay safe. 

 Kevin Morrison 

K&B Outfitters, Inc.