Armstrong Hockey Middle School Team Tryout Resuts

Congratulations to the following players that have been named to the  

Armstrong Middle School Roster for 2019-2020 season.

Ethan Barnhart 

Rexton Hough

Derek Crissman

Jonas Miller 

Calise Czekanski

Mason Mills 

Carson Franceschi

Nolan Mills 

Anthony Furgiuele

Mya Morris 

Jake Graff

Jaden Sims 

Adam Hooks

Autumn Tutak 

Logan Hooks

Wyatt Tutak 

Chase Hough                         

As mentioned in the previous email, we had to wait until the PIHL made their decision on the 25% Pee Wee eligibility rule. 

The PIHL did pass the 25% rule with no exclusions/exemptions/waivers, which means that every Middle School roster in the PIHL can have no more than 25% of its make up be 2nd year Pee Wees. 

A "Team-Snap" page will be made for our team in the near future and through it you will receive information regarding our upcoming activities. 

To those players who did not make the team, we are extending an invitation to all of you to attend our drylands, summer crossfit classes and practices once the ice returns in the fall. If you choose to take part in the program, please respond this invitation so you can be added to the Team Snap information page by text to my phone @ 724-664-5161. 

Thank you, 

Jim Hendrickson, Head Coach A.M.S. Hockey