Armstrong Arrows Hockey – AAHL



In order to be eligible to participate in the AAHL tryouts a player must provide:
    1.  The Tryout Fee
    2.  The Commitment Fee check
At least two tryout sessions will be provided for each division. No part of the tryout fee will be refunded if one or more of the sessions is missed. No part of the tryout fee will be returned if a player does not accept the team he is assigned to.  No part of the tryout fee will be returned if a player does not make a team.

Commitment Fee

The Commitment Fee will be collected at the first tryout. It is to be paid in a separate check from the Tryout Fee. The Commitment Fee will be held until tryouts are completed and the player has been notified of his team placement.
When a player receives his notification he may take up to 24 hours to accept or reject his placement. If the player accepts his placement, the Commitment Check will be deposited and becomes nonrefundable. If the player declines his placement, the Commitment Check will be destroyed after notification of the refusal. If you desire to have the Commitment Check returned, you must supply a stamped self addressed envelope.
Twenty-four hours after notification if the player has failed to respond, the check will be deposited and become nonrefundable.

Player Resignation from AAHL

If a player decides to resign from AAHL after having accepted a position, it is the responsibility of that player or that player’s parents to notify both an Executive Officer of AAHL and either the Manager or Coach of that player’s team. The notification to the Executive Officer must be in writing.

What that player owes to AAHL in order to obtain a release to play for another association will be determined by the date that the Executive Officer and Team Representative received notification of that decision. If they received notification after the first of the month, the player will be responsible to pay the monthly fee required of his team for that month whether or not the player practiced or played for the team during that month. If the player was rostered on a Tier I team, the amount due will be determined jointly by the AAHL president and treasurer after consultation with the team coach and/or manager.


The Commitment Fee will be deducted from the total tuition fee for each player. The remaining tuition will be divided into 7 reasonably equal payments due on the first of each month from July 1 to January 1. A payment schedule will be passed out prior to the beginning of the season.

      If a player falls 2 months in arrears in payments, he will not be permitted to play or practice with his team unless alternate payment arrangements are made with the Treasurer. It is the responsibility of the player/parent to contact the treasurer if they become behind in payments to make alternate payment arrangements.

      If AAHL is charged a returned check fee for any player, that player is responsible to make the returned check good and also to pay the returned check fee.

All payments can be made by using a Visa or Master Card provided a Credit Card Use form is completed and submitted to the Treasurer.


If the team attends any outside tournaments, that team is responsible for collecting the fee(s) to cover the costs of those tournaments.